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Cuba flouts US sanctions by handing out new ‘wonder drug’ to fight coronavirus

Cuban medical corps have been mobilised around the world to start distributing the new treatment. Dozens of nations have received the medicine, along with Cuban personnel and products. The hope is that the new drug can help turn the tide against the deadly disease. More than 18,000 have died worldwide so far from coronavirus Related articles
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Coronavirus: Hope as 100,000 people have RECOVERED from disease The drug is called Interferon Alpha-2B Recombinant, or IFNrec in brief.

It was developed by Cuban and Chinese scientists in a joint effort to treat the highly contagious virus.Cuban biotech expert Luis Herrera Martinez said that the drug “prevents aggravation and complications in patients reaching that stage that ultimately can result in death.”It was first reported in a Yale University Press Blog by Helen Yaffe, who referred to it as a potential “wonder drug.

CUBAN doctors have started circulating a wonder drug that could treat Coronavirus (Image: Getty Images) READ MORE
Hantavirus: The disturbing way new deadly virus in China is spreading Yaffe, from the University of Glasgow, said to Newsweek that at least 15 countries that have contacted Cuba to request the drug.

These included mayors and hospital directors who are desperate to stop the crisis.This is despite the drug not yet being approved for COVID-19 treatment.It has, however, proven effective against viruses with a similar structure. READ MORE: American sailors contract deadly coronavirus while at sea
CUBAN DOCTORS have been flown out with the drug to 57 afflicted countries (Image: Getty Images) Related articles
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Donald Trump wants Americans working by Easter despite Coronavirus Cuban anti-pandemic research have been hindered by long standing US sanctions.

A Cuban official said: ”(the sanctions are) the main obstacle not only to respond to major health crises like COVID-19, but the main obstacle to the countrys development in any area.The lifting of the blockade against Cuba would have an extraordinarily positive impact on Cuba and mostly in the health sector, which has been one of the most damaged areas since the establishment of the blockade almost 60 years ago with more than 3 billion in economic losses,Despite the blockade, Cuban doctors are working in 59 countries around the world, 37 of which have confirmed cases of COVID-19,DONT MISSDonald Trump explains key reason for easing business restrictions over coronavirus [REVEALED]New York facing coronavirus meltdown as new cases explode [INSIGHT]Donald Trump wants Americans working by Easter despite Coronavirus [EXPLAINED]
THE DRUG is still in trial and hasnt been confirmed as a treatment for coronavirus, but signs are promising.

. (Image: Getty Images) READ MORE
Wuhan to lift coronavirus lockdown NEXT MONTH despite.....

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