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The buyers in limbo as they're told don't move house in lockdown

Susanna Wood is due to move in less than three weeks but isnt sure if this will still go aheadHomebuyers have been left in limbo after the Government urged the public not to move house during the coronavirus lockdown. Those in the middle of the buying process told us they are now unsure when they will be able to complete on the purchase of their new home.

One purchaser said they have committed to buy a new flat but their buyer has pulled out.And one couple are due to move in less than three weeks, but are unsure whether theyll be able to do so at all. The housing market has been thrown into chaos amid the coronavirus outbreak, with reports that banks are limiting their mortgage lending and removal firms shutting their doors.

 Confusion followed an announcement by Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove, who urged the public to cancel plans to exchange house contracts.First-time buyer, Susanna Wood, exchanged on her new home at the start of this month, with her boyfriend.At that time, coronavirus was not the issue in Britain that it is now, and no announcements about lockdown or not buying a home had been made by the Government.

As such, the couple had no concerns about proceeding with the purchase and had a completion date set for 15 April.But now they do not know if they can even move home. Susanna has been in touch with her solicitors and has been told that, so far, the move is progressing as planned. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 2 Next
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Most mortgage lenders HAVENT even passed on last weeks... Share this article Share HOW THIS IS MONEY CAN HELP Could you find a cheaper mortgage? Check L&C’s new easy online application tool Susanna, who works for the savings app Plum, said the couple dont know if they can move home - and they have given notice on their rented flat.

She said: Were hoping the move still goes ahead on that date and is not delayed as we dont know what could then happen. It may be months before we move.If it doesnt were concerned about where we can go as the country has been told not to visit friends or family amid the coronavirus, let alone stay with them.

 However, even if the sale goes ahead, the removal company has cancelled their booking and the couple are struggling to find a replacement.  If it doesnt happen were concerned about where we can go  Homebuyer, Susanna Wood She said: Its now looking like our only option is to rent a van and do it ourselves.

.This may be just about feasible for the two of us moving out of a tiny one-bed, but Im not sure how bigger families will be able to do it.The couple are currently living in a rental flat, which they need to leave on 14 April after giving two months notice......

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