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Genda Phool Music Video: Jacqueline Fernandez is 'Yay', Rest Everything is 'Nay' in this Badshah and Payal Dev's Track (Watch Video)

Jacqueline Fernandez and Badshahs Genda Phool Music Video Out Now (Photo Credits: YouTube) No, its not a remake of Sonam Kapoors Genda Phool song from Delhi 6 and we thank God for it.

In fact, this is essentially a collaboration between Badshah and singer Payal Dev as he mixes his rap with some Bengali words by her. As the information about this music video correctly describes, the song has a distinct folk melody fused with uber urban sounds but that doesnt really work in the songs favour.

Music singles are the new IT- thing in the industry and its time we stop making them. Jacqueline Fernandez Raises the Temperature by Performing Yoga in Her New Instagram Post (Watch Video).Genda Phool song stars Jacqueline Fernandez and honestly, shes the only thing about it. The Race 3 actress sensuous moves and her charming persona lend a helping hand to this Badshahs it wasnt needed track.

She, in fact, saves his sinking ship by being a part of it. This is second music single within a gap of 15 days after Mere Angne Mein 2.0 with Asim Riaz. We certainly hope she doesnt restrict herself to these musical outings and plan her comeback on the big screen very soon.Check Out the Music Video HereWhile the composition of Genda Phool is all fine, its lyrics play a spoilsport.

 Badshahs rap doesnt make sense and it even sounds childish at one point. We have seen him do better and this is certainly not his most promising work to date. Hopefully, the rapper will bounce back to his older days and present us a composition that instantly makes us say Dj Wale Babu Iska Gana Chala Do.

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