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State pension age change: 1950s women sleep in their cars with no savings, says campaigner

The state pension age for women rose to 65 to bring it into line with men and will go up to 66 by 2020, and 67 by 2028. But the leader of ’63 is the new 60’ which campaigns for women to receive their pension aged 63 has hit back. Mariana Robinson revealed there are 1950s women being forced to sleep in their cars and rely on food banks.

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State pension age change: McDonnell left squirming over WASPI pledge Speaking to Express.co.uk, Ms Robinson said: “I have to supplement that.“State pension is about £8,000 a year and I need to supplement that by £5,000 a year just to live.

“That doesn’t mean going out, that doesn’t doing anything, it doesn’t mean holidays, it doesn’t meaning joining lots of organisations and clubs.“It simply means existing.READ MORE: State pension: Can you inherit your spouses state pension?
State pension age change: 1950s women are forced to sleep in in their cars (Image: GETTY/EXPRESS)
The state pension age for women rose to 65 to bring it into line with men (Image: GETTY)“Most of us women are in that position or worse, we don’t have any savings left.

“There are women using food banks.“We know of a woman who sleeps in her car.“We’ve got grannies sofa-surfing because they have run out of money and the Government are not doing anything about it.”
State pension: 1950s are having to rely on food banks (Image: GETTY) She added thousands of 1950s women took early retirement, in some cases to look after their partners.

But due to the age change, these women have been left with no money.She said: “There are thousands of ladies out there who have retired say, at 58 to look after a husband or partner who might have been ill thinking that they were going to get their pension at 60.“They didn’t know and they didn’t get it.

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State pension facts (Image: EXPRESS) Trending “They’re then left with nowhere to go, no money.

“They’re so many women now in this day and age is ridiculous, there are so many wives living off their husbands because they don’t have their own money.”Ms Robinson noted 1950s women were seen as “housewives” and claimed some women won’t get the flat rate pension of £168.

.60 a week.She explained only eight percent of women are entitled to the amount while many will go without...

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