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NASA astronaut's '40-year-old secret' exposed in classified space documents

Gordon Cooper was an American aerospace engineer, test pilot and the youngest of seven astronauts in NASAs Project Mercury. In 1963 Cooper piloted the longest and last Mercury spaceflight, Mercury-Atlas 9, during that 34-hour mission he became the first American to spend an entire day in space, the first to sleep in space, and the last American launched on an entirely solo orbital mission.

His mission came just one year after the Cuban Missile Crisis and so, along with his usual NASA tasks, the US Government had asked him to photograph as much of the Earth as possible, to get an idea of any Soviet advancements. Related articles
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Yellowstone ready to erupt? Chilling graph shows staggering rise However, YouTube channel “TheRichest” revealed how he ran his own project alongside his set tasks during a mini-series.

The narrator explained in 2019: “Cooper was instructed to observe any effects zero gravity would have on the human body, then after a period of time, he would return to Earth safely. “The public were only aware of those two tasks, but a lot of the mission objectives were classified, and one of them included taking a lot of photos, he took over 5,000 pictures.

“But this wasn’t just to shoot some pretty pictures, there was another objective involved in taking all the space snaps, including the Soviet Union to search for hidden Soviet nuclear bases and submarines.
Gordon Cooper passed away in 2004 (Image: GETTY)
Mr Cooper had a unique view of Earth (Image: GETTY) The anomalies played on his mind and for reasons unknown he never told NASA about his bizarre findingsTheRiches“Cooper would then mark on a map where these potential locations were off the United States coast, invaluable information for the US defence at the time.

“As Cooper was searching for these destructive areas, he found something else, something that didn’t make sense.”The series went on to reveal how Mr Cooper noticed several “anomalies” around the Earth, but he apparently did not tell NASA about them on touchdown.It added: “He saw these magnetic anomalies through the camera, but they weren’t the correct size or shape to by nuclear-holding facilities and many were in the shallow waters around the Caribbean.

“This grabbed hold of Cooper, he had to find out what these bizarre marks were, so he made another map of all the anomaly locations.READ MORE: How Apollo astronauts ignored NASA’s instructions in ‘mutiny
The astronaut secretly recorded what he saw (Image: DISCOVERY) Related articles
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Egypt: How Tutankhamun artefact ‘lost for decades was found “During his time in orbit, Cooper completed 22 revolutions around the Earth, he was also on the last single manned space mission.


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