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How NASA is 'pushing physics boundaries' with 'faster than lightspeed' spacecraft design

The idea sounds like it is straight out of a sci-fi thriller, and that is because it is – the warp drive was fist seen in Star Trek, allowing for superluminal spacecraft propulsion across the cosmos. According to Albert Einstein’s special relativity theory, the problem of a material object exceeding the speed of light is that an infinite amount of kinetic energy would be required.

But, this can theoretically be solved by warping space to move an object instead of increasing the kinetic energy of the object to do so, and it is exactly what Dr Harold Sonny White told NASA in 2012. Related articles
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Time travel possible: You CAN do it! Scientists shortcut theory Science YouTube Joe Scott explained how the project wass born in his video “NASAs Eagleworks Lab: Pushing The Boundaries Of Physics”.

He said last year: “NASA’s Advanced Propulsion Physics Laboratory, informally known as Eagleworks, is challenging everything we know about propulsion and power.“While their research might not be as practical as refining the spark igniter on a LOX methane engine, what they are doing is important because they are answering questions that other scientists aren’t even asking.

“Their purpose is to pursue propulsion technologies necessary to enable human exploration of the Solar System over the next 50 years.
The spacecraft could break the speed of light (Image: GETTY)
Albert Einsteins special relativity was used (Image: GETTY) Their hope is that by the end of this century we can use those same technologies for interstellar travelJoe Scott“Their hope is that by the end of this century we can use those same technologies for interstellar travel.

“The team is led by Dr Harold Sonny White, who has been working on the fringe of propulsion science since the early Noughties when he put together a paper that described an actual implementation of the Alcubierre Warp Drive.”Mr Scott went on to discuss how the idea could become a reality.

He added: “Miguel Alcubierre is basically a guy who watched some episodes of Star Trek and decided to reverse Einstein’s field equations so he could compress space-time.“Therefore the ship itself is not travelling faster than the speed of light, the ship is not travelling through spacetime at all, it just kind of exists in a bubble and in front it contracts the fabrics of spacetime and expanding it behind it, causing it to travel faster than light.

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