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Darren Till admits he considered faking injury ahead of UFC 244 win over Kelvin Gastelum

Darren Till admits he was fearful of making the walk to the cage for his UFC 244 clash with Gastelum (Image: GETTY)Darren Till admits he came close to faking an injury before his UFC 244 clash with Kelvin Gastelum.The Liverpudlian locked horns with the No.4-ranked middleweight in the co-main event of the blockbuster card at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Till, who was making his debut in the division, snapped a two-fight losing streak by picking up a split-decision victory over the recent interim middleweight title challenger.Back-to-back defeats to Tyron Woodley and Jorge Masvidal shook Tills confidence, so much so he didnt want to make the walk to the Octagon this morning.

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Darren Till defeats Kelvin Gastelum on middleweight debut at UFC 244 I was thinking of an injury to fake because I just simply did not want to get in thereDarren Till“Just to get in there tonight, I tell you,” Till said.

“I was trying to fake an injury before walking out. I was thinking of an injury to fake because I just simply did not want to get in there.“This is probably a thing fighters don’t talk about. But you know me and I’m honest. That’s just where I was at. After seeing off the highly-rated Gastelum, Till admits his confidence has returned somewhat.

Darren Till admits he wanted to fake an injury ahead of his bout with Kelvin Gastelum (Image: GETTY)
Darren Till believes his confidence has returned after beating Kelvin Gastelum (Image: GETTY)He said: Now, I’m here. Confidence is back. Like f**k all these middleweights. I’m coming for everything.

It’s back.”He does, however, still expect that fear of walking to always linger.“Every fight, no matter what any fighter will ever tell you, they will be scared,” Till said. “If they tell you they’re not, it’s a blatant lie. This fighter wasn’t scared; I was terrified.

I wasn’t shaking, but I just didn’t want to go. The magnitude of the event – I was doubting. I was thinking of ways to get out of the fight. This was only today and I’m just so scared.”Express Sports live coverage of UFC 244 was in part brought to you Pokerstars, the official poker partner of the UFC.

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