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How Nico Rosberg reacted to Lewis Hamilton’s sixth F1 title at US Grand Prix

How Nico Rosberg reacted to Lewis Hamilton’s sixth F1 title at US Grand Prix (Image: Getty)Hamilton began the day fifth on the grid but showed great in-race management to steer himself into second behind Valtteri Bottas.That was enough for the 34-year-old to win his sixth driver’s championship, putting him within one of Michael Schumacher’s haul.

Rosberg, who pipped Hamilton to the title in 2016, was watching the race unfold in Texas and praised his old foe afterwards.The former Mercedes driver told Sky Sports: A big congratulations to Lewis and also Anthony [Hamilton, Lewis’ dad]. We’ve known each other since I was six years old.

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Max Verstappen vows to ‘fight’ Lewis Hamilton to F1 title next season We saw all of Lewis class out there today.“He took the strategy into his own hands and maybe did a better strategy than the team was recommending him and almost got that win.

It was a phenomenal attempt to try and get that win.“He really did fantastically, lost out a little bit to Valtteri but a completely deserved sixth title in amazing fashion.
Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton challenged each other as team-mates (Image: Getty) Trending
Lewis Hamilton celebrates his sixth F1 title (Image: Getty)Hamilton described his sixth triumph as his toughest yet (did he?) and seemed full of zest to keep racing despite his contract expiring at the end of next season.

Im filled with so much emotion,” Hamilton said. Its an honour to be up here with those greats.My dad told me when I was six or seven years old to never give up. Thats the family motto.“I was pushing as hard as I could and was hopeful Id be able to win today but didnt have it in the tyres.

.I dont know about championships, but as an athlete Im as fresh as can be right now. These next races we wont let up...

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