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Trump envoy lashes out Merkel for ‘dismissing’ Iran threat to Israel as just ‘rhetoric’

President Trump’s ambassador criticised Mrs Merkel over her blasé attitude towards Tehran in a scathing attack at times of boiling tensions between Iran and Washington. Richard Grenell, US ambassador to Germany, told Fox News: “Threatening the destruction of Israel is something that should not be dismissed, especially when the threats come from Iranian regime officials who regularly use terrorism as a weapon of intimidation.

When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” His words come after Mrs Merkel shrugged off the threat from Tehran as nothing more than “anti-Israel rhetoric”. Related articles
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South China Sea: China ordered to stop bullying others by US She said in a statement via the German Foreign Ministry: “We condemn the recent threats by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps against Israel in the strongest possible terms.

Such anti-Israel rhetoric is completely unacceptable.“Israel’s right to exist is not negotiable. We urge Iran to commit to maintaining peaceful relations with all states in the region and to take practical steps to de-escalate tensions.”This was again reiterated by one of Mrs Merkel’s representatives, who used the same “anti-Israel rhetoric” phrasing.

The threat itself came from Mojtaba Zonnour, chairman of National Security and Foreign Policy Committee in Iran’s Majlis legislature, who said this month: ““If Israel or America make a mistake, Israel won’t live for longer than 20 or 30 minutes.”
Angela Merkel has been condemned by US President Donald Trump (Image: GETTY)
President Trump’s ambassador criticised Mrs Merkel over her blasé attitude (Image: GETTY)This threat was delivered on Iran’s Channel 5, according to US organisation the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Mr Zonnour also said Iranian drones are tracking activity in US military bases as far as Diego Garcia, a UK-owned overseas territory more than 3,000 miles from Tehran.Charles Small, anti-Semitism expert and visiting fellow at Oxford University, said: “For the post-Holocaust German government to remain silent and not denounce, with force and outrage, the Iranian revolutionary regime’s ideologically based commitment to destroy Israel and Jewish sovereignty, is unconscionable, especially given the history of German anti-Semitism and the mass murder and destruction it caused.

”The remarks come as Iran today took aim at President Trump in a furious rant in which Tehran blamed Washington for the rise of ISIS.READ NOW: Putin shows off missile ‘60 times more powerful than Hiroshima bomb
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