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Pakistan train horror: At least 70 dead as 'gas canister explodes' on packed carriage

An exploding gas canister was believed to be the cause as the train was engulfed in flames while passengers cooked breakfast. The blaze was thought to have spread to at least three carriages. Local reports suggest many of the victims died as they tried to jump off the burning wreckage. Another 40 people were injured, according to the BBC, amid fears the death toll may still rise.

But other reports from the scene suggest electrical problems could have been the cause. Several survivors have reportedly said they believed a short-circuit on board may have been to blame. Related articles
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India news: Kashmir power move sparks Pakistan fury amid China deal The three cariages were set alight, officials say, wth 54 in the 11th carriage and 78 inside the 12th and 13th carriages.

Cooking stoves are a common problem for train services in Pakistan, according to railways minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed.He added: Two cooking stoves blew up. They were cooking, they had (cooking) oil which added fuel to fire.District deputy commissioner Jamil Ahmed said some of the victims could not be identified due to the burning, and they would need to use DNA to find out who had died.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said he was deeply saddened by the terrible tragedy on Twitter, adding that he had ordered an immediate inquiry.
Pakistan train: Exploding gas canister thought to be the cause (Image: getty)
Pakistan train horror: The train was travelling the length of the country (Image: Reuters)The horrific accident occured near the small town of Rahim Yar Khan in the south of the Punjab province.

Many passengers were pilgrims heading to Raiwind near Lahore for one of Pakistans largest annual religious congregations. Tablighi Jamaat, a Sunni Muslim movement, organised the festival. READ MORE: Pakistan warned to ‘stop terror camps’ or India will destroy them
Pakistan train horror: cooking is a problem on trains in Pakistan (Image: getty)
Pakistan train horror: images from a similar accident on a Tezgam train in 2009 (Image: getty) Related articles
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India news: Kashmir power move sparks Pakistan fury amid China deal The name of the train is the Tezgam – one of Pakistans oldest and most popular services.

It runs daily and takes 25-and-a-half hours.The train was travelling from Karachi in the south of the country to Rawalpindi in the north. The tragic situation represents Pakistans worst rail disaster in over a decadeDONT MISS Imran Khan fires back at Modi over Kashmir [INSIGHT]India vs Pakistan: Warning ‘world is in danger’ over nuclear weapons [ANALYSIS]Pakistan-India CRISIS: Imran Khan rules out talks with Modi [COMMENT]
Pakistan train horror: Prime Minister Imran Khan said he is deeply saddened by the news (Image: getty) Trending Pakistan has a history.


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