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Trump humiliated: US President lashes out on Twitter after being booed at UFC match

Donald Trump attended the UFC match with his sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Footage shows the US President arriving at the boxing match and waving to the crowd. A mixed response can be heard from the audience, with boos and cheers. Related articles
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Outage after children encouraged to ‘build wall’ at White House Party Following the match, the US President retweeted a post from his son Donald Trump Jr, who said the crowds response was overwhelmingly positive.

Donald Trump Jr retweeted a New York Post article on the crowds reaction, captioning: Despite the bull**** from blue checkmark Twitter, when we walked into the arena it was overwhelmingly positive.@danawhite said it was the most electrifying entrance he seen in 25 years of doing this. @ufc.The US President also retweeted a post from his other son Eric Trump, who wrote: At #UFC244 - chanting “Donald Trump, Donald Trump.

.. USA USA”.READ MORE: Derrick Lewis reveals Donald Trump PHONED him before UFC 229
Trump news: Donald Trump was greeted by a mixture of boos and cheers at the UFC match (Image: Getty)
Trump news: Trump walked to his seat with UFC president Dana White (Image: Facebook/Glenn Wayland)Upon his arrival in New York, President Trump was also met with streets full of protestors shouting “lock him up” and carrying anti-Trump placards.

Trump walked to his seat with UFC president Dana White - flanked by at least 25 members of the secret service - and sat down next to his two sons, Eric and Donald Jr.On the way to his seat, he was embraced like an old friend by former world champion boxer Roberto Duran.Mr White previously said Trump, who unsuccessfully tried his hand at fight promotion before turning to politics, had helped to support the creation of the UFC.

Trump news: Trumps two sons also attended the UFC match (Image: Facebook/Glenn Wayland) Trump’s sons were in attendance to witness Colby Covington - a staunch Trump fan - defeat Robbie Lawler.The US President was also booed during his appearance at the World Series with his wife Melania Trump.

As the couple were recognised by the crowd at the game, Donald displayed a happy appearance as he smiled and gave a thumbs-up and a salute to the US military on the stadium’s video screens.DONT MISSMelania Trump: FLOTUS snubs roots with dramatic residency change [VIDEO]Donald Trump QUITS New York: US President to move to Florida [VIDEO]You’re right about Corbyn, Mr Trump, but back off, says TIM NEWARK [COMMENT] Related articles
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Trump news: Trump retweeted his son following the event (Image: Twitter/@EricTrump/@realDonaldTrump) Trending However, the announcement over the speakers.


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