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Is The Walking Dead Setting Up Comic Showdown Between Negan and [SPOILER]?

The Whisperers better watch their back, because Negans about to set up shop in their territory -- and he brought Lucille with him.On tonights episode of "The Walking Dead," viewers learned how Negan was able to escape from his jail cell in Alexandria and saw how much he has truly changed while behind bars.

The hour began with Negan already in the woods with a young man named Brandon, a kid who used to live at the Sanctuary back when he was in charge. He was clearly never a fan of Rick or living in Alexandria with the other kids whose parents died during the All Out War arc. In Brandons mind, Negan was and always will be his leader, proudly proclaiming, "We are Negan.

The Walking Dead Recap: Here's What Led to Michonne-Ezekiel Kiss That Blew Up Comic-Con View Story Yeah, he fully drank the Kool-Aid and never looked back. Negan had apparently become the thing of legend for Brandon, believing it was him who killed Carl.

Negan, however, was adamant that never happened -- telling him, "I would never kill a kid." Hoping to restore his idol to his former glory, Brandon presented him with Lucille and his leather jacket and even showed him a location that could be their new Sanctuary. While there, the two came across a mother-son duo in peril, with Negan stepping in to heroically save them.

While Negan and the pair bonded, Brandon was only hoping to rip them off. Upon hearing this plan, Negan told the guy to scram -- saying he never wanted to see his "pasty creepy ass face" again. Unfortunately, that didnt take and Brandon thought it was just a "test." Hoping to pass, he killed the mother and son in cold blood.

Negan didnt like that too much -- especially after a sweet moment with the son before he was killed -- and ended Brandons life too.
Hilarie Burton Spills on Her and Jeffrey Dean Morgan's 'Film Families' Attending Their Wedding (Exclusive) View Story Lucille in hand and his jacket back on, Negan made his way across the Whisperer border, looking for trouble.

He found it. The episode ended with him coming face to face with Beta, telling him, "Alright you big ass freak, lets do this."Much of tonights story came directly from the comics, where he was also freed from his cell by an acolyte named Brandon before eventually meeting up with the Whisperers.

COMIC SPOILER ALERT HERE -- IF YOU DONT WANT TO KNOW ANYTHING, SKIP THE NEXT PARAGRAPH. In the comics, Negan joins the Whisperers for a while, earns Alphas trust, before slitting her throat. This show, however, is known for switching things up. We wouldnt be surprised if this storyline leads to Beta or Gammas deaths instead.

The Walking Dead.....

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