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RHOA Recap: Porsha Reveals Why Dennis Moved Out, Kenya Details Marital Woes

Rumors of trouble in paradise for Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley started circulating shortly after their first child together, daughter Pilar, was born -- and on the Season 12 premiere of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," Porsha reluctantly addressed them.According to various castmembers, the rumors "in the blogs" mentioned infidelity, drug use and even an allegation of bestiality, but the only one Porsha spoke about in the new hour was her fiancés alleged infidelity.

"Dennis has moved out," the somber new mom revealed in her first confessional of the season. "Its been about four or five days. We were arguing about something that I found in his phone that I found to be inappropriate, and then thats when I realized he was unfaithful to me while I was carrying our child.

There are a lot of crazy rumors about Dennis in the blogs. And Ive had questions about the situation, and I just feel like I havent gotten the total truth."
Eva Marcille Says Unexpected 'Snake' Plagues RHOA Season 12: 'Friendships Were Severely Fractured' (Exclusive) View Story Porsha couldnt find it in her heart to be up front with her mom and sister about why she and Dennis were on a break because she didnt want them to hate him.

Like she said, Dennis was her family now, regardless of what he may or may not have done. "I only told my mom and sister what they need to know, which is, We aint together right now," she explained. "Thats it."But her mom and sister knew something was up given the dozens and dozens of roses Dennis kept sending to the house.

At one point during a conversation with both of them, Porsha broke down and explained why she hadnt left the house in days."These are not just because flowers; they have a reason," she said tearfully. "Ill be going back to work soon. I go back to Dish at the end of this month, so Im really just trying to figure out how Im gonna do that.

Its not like I dont try [to get out of the house]. I mean, Mom will see when I get up and Mom comes and gets [Pilar] from me, I tell her Im getting dressed, and then an hour getting dressed turns into three hours, turns into four. And then, you know, its 6 oclock. So you just dont end up getting dressed, cause then wherever you plan on going, its like, for what? Cause then you come home and you dont feel the same way.

Thats why I dont want to be going anywhere or doing stuff."Crying, she went on, "I just dont understand. I keep going to sleep at night thinking that Im gonna wake up and its not gonna be true. The only reason I keep answering his phone calls is because I keep thinking that hes gonna say the one thing to make me believe that this isnt happening, you know? This is my family.

. I wanted a family. This is what weve been working on. And then this? What? Its like its gotta be a bad dream or.....

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