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10 awesome products that do more than just look cool

What will they think of next? Read on. In every aspect of life, technology is improving on the little things. Here are 10 things that will actually make your life easier - and more fun.OPKIX Dual Wearable Camera + Egg Storage Bundle
Heres a body cam for the masses. Infinitely portable, it can clip onto just about anywhere and operate with a single click.

And with 70 minutes of onboard footage time, youre ready when those once-in-a-lifetime moments come along.Sale Price: $495GoFish Cam Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera
Speaking of cameras, heres a waterproof one that attaches to your fishing line and takes you right into the action during your next catch.

Equipped with a night vision LED and viewable through a mobile app, it offers even the most seasoned angler a point of view theyve never seen before.MSRP: $239.99Sale Price: $229.99 with promo code GoFish10 SteakStones® Pizza Stone
This stone heats up quickly in 10 minutes to give your pizza the perfect crust.

Even when youre not indulging in pizza, it can double as a great serving tray or cheese board.MSRP: $150Sale Price: $127.50Grid Wallet
This minimalist wallet is made from two aluminum plates, perfectly sized for up to 12 cards plus a bit of cash. It takes away the bulk from your pocket but adds an extra dose of RFID protection in the bargain.

MSRP: $65Sale Price: $25PLX Devices Kiwi 3 Bluetooth OBD2 OBDII Diagnostic Scan Tool
This diagnostic tool plugs into your cars onboard diagnostic port, giving you access to the same info professional mechanics use to troubleshoot. And since it runs on minimal power, it can be kept plugged in, transmitting warnings to your smartphone or other devices.

MSRP: $89Sale Price: $69.99Ryze Tech Tello Quadcopter Iron Man Edition Powered by DJI
We cant all be Tony Stark, but this Marvel-themed drone might just train the next generation of techie do-gooders. With the accompanying Tello Hero App, you can master tricks and even program the drone to fly missions.

Sale Price: $129ONE Mini Pocket Multilingual Assistant
This pocket translator ensures youre never at a loss for words no matter where you are. It can record and translate 12 languages on the fly, and even incorporates a live interpreter service along with its stellar AI.MSRP: $99Sale Price: $59CIRQ: World’s Smallest 1080p Projector
Turn virtually any flat surface into a 240 flatscreen with this supremely portable projector.

Its got wi-fi capability, has its own hi-fi speakers and is capable of 1080p resolution - all in a package the size of your smartphone.MSRP: $600Sale Price: $299AnySharp Outdoor Knife Sharpener & Fire Starter
With your choice of tungsten carbide, ceramic, and diamond-tipped steel sharpeners, youll never lose your edge when youre packing this gadget.

. It also incorporates a life-saving firestick that produces a thick, reliable spark.MSRP: $24Sale Price: $17Live & Let Drive James Bond Poster
Remember when we said these items would.....

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