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Amal Clooney Proves a Good Dress Can Mean Business

By Christian AllaireNovember 3, 2019FacebookTwitterPinterest
VogueworldAmal Clooney Proves a Good Dress Can Mean Business Photo: BackgridFacebookTwitterPinterestHuman rights lawyer Amal Clooney has cultivated a look that managed to toe the line between professional and fashion forward, polished and playful.

She rarely does a traditional suit, rather gravitating towards pieces with personality that still convey a buttoned-up vibe. The end result is a modern take on office attire with individualistic flair.
Photo: BackgridThis weekend in New York City, Clooney was back at it again, this time proving that a good dress can mean business.

She stepped out wearing a black and white floral-printed wrap dress that had quarter-length sleeves, a round neck, and a large gold button as a focal point. The look struck the right balance of simplicity with fun, stylish details. The accessories—leather top-handle bag, pointed pumps, and signature oversized sunglasses—helped elevate the ensemble, too.

. So who needs suiting when going against the status quo looks this good?..

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