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Roy Keane explains what Marcus Rashford will think of Man Utd wanting to sign new striker

Marcus Rashford will understand Manchester United need to bolster their attacking options, claims Roy Keane.Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has stated United will be in the market for a new striker in the upcoming January transfer window.Keane, speaking ahead of the Premier League visit of Arsenal, says Rashford has failed to deal with the pressure of being the Red Devils’ main front man this season following the departure of Romelu Lukaku to Inter Milan.

“I think [Marcus Rashford] would appreciate the honesty from the manager,” Keane said on Sky Sports. Related articles
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Man Utd boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer identifies dream transfer target I think if you’re a striker at Man United, even he knows, they need some more optionsRoy Keane on Man Utd star Marcus Rashford“I think if you’re a striker at Man United, even he knows, they need some more options.

“I think the pressure has got to Rashford a little bit. I think there is a lot of pressure on him to become the main striker at Man United and some people don’t like being the main man.“I think he probably enjoyed when Lukaku was there and he was in the background and he can play off these people.

“He’s not really answered that question in terms of can he be the main man?. Trending
Roy Keane says Marcus Rashford will understand Man Utd need a new striker (Image: GETTY/SKY SPORTS)
Keane says Marcus Rashford has not been able to deal with the pressure at Man Utd (Image: SKY SPORTS)“He goes off injured last week, he’s fit this week, I’m always wary about that.

“But he knows that Man United need more options going forward.”Keane was reacting to Solskjaer’s comments on Manchester United needing more of a goal threat.“We let Alexis [Sanchez] and Romelu go and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that it’s a forward that next time we’re going to recruit,” Solskjaer said.

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Marcus Rashford returned from injury for Man Utds visit of Arsenal (Image: GETTY)“We’re looking for some creativity and goals.

“We need to score more goals, definitely, and that’s what I’ve said here, we’re working on improving relationships, the patterns, the understanding.“We’ve started in one end with the foundation, we’ve done great defensively, but we’re not happy with the return going forward.


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