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Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown: MP kicked out of Tory conference after clash

Image copyright PA Media Image caption Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown is MP for the Cotswolds A senior MP has been kicked out of the Conservative party conference after an altercation.

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown was asked to leave the event after he clashed with staff as he tried to enter a room with a guest without the relevant pass.The incident at 13:45 BST led to a lockdown of the International Lounge of the Manchester Central Convention Centre for about 20 minutes.A Conservative spokesman said: The incident was totally unacceptable.

Geoffrey has been asked to leave Conference and we are establishing all of the facts to see if further action is necessary, he added. We will always adopt a zero tolerance approach to any inappropriate behaviour towards our hardworking staff.Cotswold MP Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown told the PA news agency: Ive got nothing further to say about it.

I dont want to comment on it, really. Image copyright PA Media Image caption The International Lounge at the venue was locked down for around 20 minutes A staff member guarding the door of the International Lounge said the incident was sparked by a disagreement.

It was a small misunderstanding, the man said.A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said an attendee attempted to enter the International Lounge area of the conference without the relevant pass.Security staff intervened and resolved the situation without any breach of security occurring, he added. .


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