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Schwab drops stock trading commissions as fee war escalates

Charles Schwab is dropping commissions for online trading of U.S. stocks and exchange-traded funds, the latest slash in an industry battle thats drastically cut the cost of investing.Tuesdays announcement sent shares of other brokerages plummeting. TD Ameritrade lost 21% in morning trading, on pace for its worst day in 13 years.

E-Trade Financial lost 18%. Schwab fell 8%.Schwab said commissions for mobile and web trading of stocks and ETFs listed in the U.S. and Canada will drop to zero from $4.95 on Monday. The industry has been slashing fees across investments for years, as customers demand lower expenses. Stock mutual funds last year kept $55 in fees for every $10,000 invested, according to the Investment Company Institute.

. Thats down from $100 in 2003...

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