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This French YouTube Star Just Crashed the Chanel Runway

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Photo: Getty ImagesFacebookPinterestThey say that you should never take fashion too seriously and today at the Chanel Spring 2020 show in Paris, laughter did indeed abound.

As the finale took place atop a stage set modeled after Parisian rooftops, one woman dressed like Coco Chanel herself in a black and white houndstooth tweed and hat cocked to the side, stomped her way onto the platform. She strutted and posed for a few moments until none other than supermodel Gigi Hadid tapped her on the shoulder and escorted her backstage.

Needless to say, social media has been ablaze with hilarious videos and memes of the fashion week intrusion ever since. The first question on everyone’s lips: Who was the mystery woman? Her name is Marie Benoliel, though the 28-year-old French comedian and Youtube is known as Marie s’Inflitre to fans.

It’s not her first time crashing the shows either; Benoliel stormed the runway at Etam earlier this week, creeping up behind Cindy Bruna in a pair of metallic silver hot pants and a glittery corset top. She even hired a fake bodyguard and driver to escort her around that day while pretending to be an influencer.

Photo: Getty ImagesFacebookPinterestHer stage name “s’Infiltre” is inspired by the word “infiltrate,” so yes, crashing big society and political events is her schtick. Benoliel has come under fire in recent years for using protests and rallies to bring visibility to her own platform, including Paris Pride.

Still, that negative press clearly hasn’t hindered her success—she currently has a solo comedy show at the Studio Champs Elysées. And after today’s episode, ticket sales are bound to go through the roof.
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