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10 WTF 'AHS: 1984' Premiere Scares: A Dozen Murders Kick Off '80s Slasher Film Pastiche

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk certainly wasted no time make it very clear from the beginning what "American Horror Story: 1984" is all about. This love letter to the slasher flicks of the decade of excess appropriately kicked off with an aggressive sex scene leading to gruesome, bloody death.

Because as everyone whos ever watched a 1980s slasher film knows, if you have sex, you will get killed by the murderer. Thats just good science right there. Even if you are being responsible and using a condom, like this unfortunate camp counselor was. But he was also engaging in a threesome, and thats just too much deviance to allow.

Megan Fox Had 'Genuine Psychological Breakdown' After 'Jennifer's Body' Sexualization View Story And he didnt stop there. Before the opening credits even rolled, we were treated to our first ten dead bodies .

.. or was that nine?Everything about this tribute is working, from the hilarious costuming and hair to the different personalities brought to bear by the younger players in Murphy and Falchuks roster of "ASH" talent. Before we get into the scare, lets get into our perfectly stereotyped main characters, all ready to die one by one at the hand of our killer .

.. or is that killers?The StereotypesBrooke (Emma Roberts) is the sweet, innocent virginal girl, which means shes our hero and will probably survive to the end.Montana (Billie Lourd) is her sexually-charged friend who has already seduced the camps activities director and is flirting heavily with Montana.

Shes whats known as a "bad girl," so shell probably have to die.Xavier (Cody Fern) is the pompous douchebag, looking like he stepped out of "Miami Vice" or someething. Hes arrogant and obnoxious and refuses to believe even that the serial killer is real. Theres always a doubter .

.. and they always die.Chet (Gus Kenworthy) is the jock. The strong guy always manages to put up quite a fight, and often lasts deep into those films, becoming one of the last to die.Ray (DeRon Horton) is their black friend, and we only bring up his race because there is a well-known trope about what happens to black characters in horror films.

And if this is a love letter to everything about this, good and bad, its not looking good for poor Ray out of these five counselors.
'Big Brother' Blowout: Cliff Goes Deal Crazy, or Is He Just Going Crazy? View Story Trevor (Matthew Morrison) is the activities director, and aside from being a provocative horndog his biggest character feature is also his biggest physical feature .

... dude is well hung, and proud of it. And Montana is all about that. Sexuality equals death, though, so his appendage is unlikely to change his fate.Margaret (Leslie Grossman) is revealed as a survivor of Mr. Jingles.....

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