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Zelda: Link’s Awakening review: This beach adventure looks 2019, feels 1993

Game detailsDeveloper: Nintendo EPD, GrezzoPublisher: NintendoPlatform: Nintendo SwitchRelease Date: Sept. 20, 2019ESRB Rating: E for EveryonePrice: $60Links: Official website | AmazonWhat can you expect from an official remake of a Nintendo classic? For nearly three decades, the answer has been all over the map.

Sometimes, the company serves a graphical touch-up and nothing more. Sometimes, we get a full redo of a classic with new controls, mechanics, and plot. Theres also an in-between zone where a classic returns more-or-less authentically but with clear quality-of-life changes and other surprise twists.This years remake of The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening, which debuted on the original Game Boy in 1993, stands alone in the companys re-release pantheon.

No Nintendo game has ever returned with this much of a luxurious, jaw-dropping coat of audio-visual paint—while also gripping so fiercely to its original gameplay. As a result, you may not find a more polarizing first-party game on the Nintendo Switch.Spoiler alert: It’s pretty much the same The steps youll take to reclaim your sword on Koholint Islands beach are identical to the Game Boy original.

Hoots this? I mean, whos this? Prepare to have many chats with a mysterious owl.

No confirmation whether that means my filename of BUTT is indeed engraved on this sword.

Mabe Village is back. Yes, you can still steal from the above store, though its trickier this time around.

The Trendy Game claw machine is back, but items move around differently this time.

. Im not sure why they remixed it. .....

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