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Brock Lesnar All Set For Long World Title Reign Which Will Begin With SmackDown Debut Episode on Fox

Brock Lesnar (Photo Credits: Facebook / Brock Lesnar) Brock Lesnar made his return to WWE as he appeared on the past Sept 17 episode of SmackDown.

The Beast Incarnate challenged Kofi Kingston for WWE Championship match on SmackDown’s debut episode on FOX on October 4. The current champion Kofi accepted Lesnars challenge. Kofi Kingston was hit by Lesnars F5 this past week on SmackDown. WWE is all set to make Brock Lesnars long world title reign which will start from Oct 4 episode of SmackDown on Fox.

WWE SmackDown Sept 17, 2019 Results and Highlights: Brock Lesnar Returns & Challenges Kofi Kingston For World Championship Match (Watch Videos)Brock Lesnar has yet again re-inserted himself in the title picture but this time on the blue brand of WWE, from where he originally belongs. Since Mar, 2019 WWE has started to advertise Brock Lesnar as the SmackDown star.

This made the speculation that Lesnar would be planned for SmackDown soon. Brock Lesnar lost his Universal Championship belt to Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 35. He then returned back to win Money in the Bank to get back into the title picture. He again defeated Seth Rollins at The Extreme Rules 2019 PPV.

However, this time his title reign was short as Universal Champion. Lesnars latest contract with SmackDown is said to last till May or June 2020. Brock Lesnar assaults Kofi Kingston on Sept 17, 2019, SmackDown EpisodeBrock Lesnar purposely used to have short term contract with WWE as he alternately used to fight in UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

However, now he has officially announced his retirement from UFC and is all set to stay a longer time with WWE. Brock Lesnar is one of the most highest paid WWE superstar and inspite of spending more than a decade in WWE he is still the biggest star superstar on the show.  Lesnars upcoming match against Kofi Kingston will be his first televised match since 2004.

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