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The Only Time Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip Sleep in the...

As the longest-running monarch in Britain’s history, Queen Elizabeth II has witnessed her fair share of history-making moments. From multiple wars and national tragedies to world government upheavals, the queen has been present for some truly incredible things. Still, one of her most impressive achievements could be the fact that she has managed to maintain a successful marriage, raising four children while keeping up with her royal duties.

Her decades-long marriage to Prince Philip is a subject of much speculation as well as admiration, and even after 70 years together, the two seem truly in love. Keep reading to unlock the secrets of the royal couple’s marriage and whether or not they still sleep in the same bed. When did Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth get married? Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh | Tim Graham\/Getty Images The royal couple’s romance started way back in 1939 when Prince Philip was hired by Elizabeth’s parents to escort the young princess.

At the time, Prince Philip was 18 years old and Princess Elizabeth was only 13. Following that encounter, the two young people started exchanging letters. Their relationship grew and developed over the years, and in 1947, they announced their engagement to the world. The couple got married the very same year, in November 1947.

Their ceremony was small and simple, as both wanted to keep things frugal for the sake of the ongoing war effort. They spent their honeymoon at Balmoral Estates, which eventually became one of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite residences. It wasn’t long before the young couple welcomed their first child, Prince Charles, in November 1948.

How many children do Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth have? DOWN MEMORY LANE: Queen Elizabeth II is seen here with the President of Zanzibar, Sheikh Aboud Jumbe upon her arrival at the #Zanzibar Airport for a state visit of the Isles in 1979. She was accompanied by Prince Philip and Prince Andrew.

pic.twitter.com\/iZlYQ2SzFB— Ismail Jussa (@IsmailJussa) September 11, 2019 In the summer of 1950, the still newly-married couple had their second child, Princess Anne. Ultimately, Princess Anne would be their only daughter, and probably the most low-profile member of the royal family. In 1953, Elizabeth was crowned Queen following the death of her father, King George.

For a few years, the young queen focused on her royal duties as well as raising her young family, but in 1960, they welcomed a new member to the mix – Prince Andrew. Their fourth and final child, Prince Edward, was born in 1964. While some reports have claimed that the queen was an uncaring or absent mother, Princess Anne dispelled those rumors by stating that there is “no evidence whatsoever” to suggest that.

. While Queen Elizabeth did utilize the help of nannies and other royal staffers in raising her children, that is certainly par for the course for the royal family. These days, she’s a loving.....

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