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Asteroid alert: A large rock just appeared on NASA's radars and it shot past Earth today

The asteroid, dubbed 2019 RX2, is just one of many so-called “Near-Earth Objects” or NEOs dangerously approaching our planet. In total, NASA estimates there are 796,901 known asteroids and 3,586 known comets in the solar system. The asteroid flew by today (Thursday, September 12) on a Close Earth Approach trajectory that brought it very near the planet.

The flyby came just six days after NASA first observed the asteroid’s orbit on September 6. Related articles
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19am UTC) today.Asteroid 2019 RX2 is an Apollo-type space rock orbiting the Sun within the inner circles of the solar system.The asteroid follows a trajectory similar to Asteroid 1862 Apollo and does not fly far out beyond Earth’s orbit.Occasionally, NEOs like RX2 will cross paths with Earth at various points in time.

Based on NASA’s calculations, the asteroid already approached Earth six times before its initial observation this year.READ MORE: How often do asteroids hit Earth? What is the risk of impact?
Asteroid alert: A car-sized space rock will zip by the Earth on Thursday, September 12 (Image: GETTY)
Asteroid alert: The large space rocks trajectory was calculated on September 6 this year (Image: GETTY)The first flyby occurred 100 years ago on December 9, 1919.

After todays close approach, the space rock will appear in Earth’s corner of space again in 2024 and 2063. Near-Earth Objects can occasionally approach close to EarthNASANASA estimates Asteroid RX2 measures somewhere in the range of 18ft to 39ft (5.6m to 12m) in diameter.On average, car-sized rocks like this strike the Earth once a year.

Thankfully, the asteroid is small enough to safely burn up in the atmosphere without hitting the ground.Any bigger and the space rock could cause serious damage like the rock that exploded over Russia’s Chelyabinsk Oblast in 2013.READ MORE: NASA partners with ESA to stop giant asteroid threats Related articles
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6ft (20m) across but its blast blew out windows and injured more than 1,000 people with shards of glass.The good news is, NASA did not expect Asteroid RX2 to strike the planet today.The asteroid approached our planet at speeds of around 5.34km per second or 11,945mph (19,224kph).At its closest, the rock came flying by from a distance of 0.

01848 astronomical units.READ MORE: This is what would happen if an asteroid hits Earth
Asteroid alert: Interesting asteroid facts and information (Image: GETTY)
Asteroid alert: The space rock will not strike the Earth and pass safely (Image: GETTY)A single astronomical measures about 93 million.


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