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UK tobacco giant BAT to cut 2,300 jobs

Image copyright PA British American Tobacco has announced plans to cut 2,300 jobs as it shifts away from traditional cigarettes.

BAT said it was creating a more efficient, agile and focused company as it focused on e-cigarettes and other new categories of product.The firm said management layers would be reduced and simplified under a plan to be substantially completed by January next year.A BAT spokesperson declined to give any details of where the jobs would go.

The company has its headquarters in London and has 55,000 employees worldwide, with 55 factories in 48 countries. With the focus on simplification and removal of management layers, it is expected that over 20% of the senior roles in the organisation will be affected, it said.New chief executive Jack Bowles, who has been in the role for five months, said he wanted to ensure a future fit culture.

My goal is to oversee a step change in new category growth and significantly simplify our current ways of working and business processes, whilst delivering long-term sustainable returns for our shareholders. This is a vital first move to help achieve these goals, he added.Among its new category products is the Vype e-cigarette which it launched in 2013.

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