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HTC Vive Cosmos VR: We have the price, release date, and first hands-on

Say hello to the Vive Cosmos, HTCs first PC-VR headset with inside-out tracking. Sam Machkovech Dummy head not included with the $699 retail price.

Also not included: any extra lighthouse tracking boxes. Its all inside-out tracking! Sam Machkovech That inside-out tracking is fueled by an array of six built-in lenses.

You can see four of the six here: one on top, one on bottom, one on each side, and two facing outward. Sam Machkovech The built-in audio is nearly identical to what HTC built in the Vive Audio Strap, while the headsets halo construction is more like the comfortable offerings weve seen from the likes of Lenovo and Sony.

But the default, foam face cushion runs a bit hot for my tastes. Sam Machkovech The new Vive Cosmos controller, with its battery opening exposed.

Since the controllers built-in lights run very brightly, the controller takes two AA batteries, not just one. That, among other reasons, makes it quite a heavy controller. Sam Machkovech .


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