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Pailwaan Quick Movie Review: Kichcha Sudeep and Suniel Shetty’s Action Flick Ends on a Sooryavansham Note in the First Half!

Kichcha Sudeep and Suniel Shetty in Pailwaan (Photo Credits: Twitter) Kannada films Megastar Kichcha Sudeep has been making quite a lot of noise thanks to his wrestling drama, Pailwaan, with Suniel Shetty.

The story of the film is very basic, to be honest. It starts with an orphaned boy, Krishna, who looking for some quick bucks. Hes not a brainiac and the only way he can make money is by fighting with all his might. Sarkar (Suniel Shetty) notices how the young lad can pack a punch without fear in his eyes.

Since Sarkar himself didnt marry or have kids, he decides to take Krishna home and raise him to be a wrestler. Considering how Krishna doesnt wish to study, he agrees to be Sarkars student and fight to win the National Championship for him. The bargain takes a 180 degrees shift when a lady enters Krishnas life.

The man who has worshipped Hanuman and dedicated his life to be a celibate with eyes on for the national championship trophy, little does Sarkar expect his pupil to change course. Sadly, it happens and he falls in love with Rukmini.The first half ended on a very Sooryavansham note as Krishna did exactly what his father asked him to avoid doing.

Oh and Sarkar did promise Rukminis father that Krishna would do no such thing that would jeopardise his daughters marriage. So far, everything is as predictable as metro trains status. Things are happening exactly as one would hope them to happen and there doesnt seem to be any kind of changes. Pailwaan: Suniel Shetty Impresses as the Powerful Sarkar on the First Look Poster of His Kannada Debut - View Pic.

The action is good which shouldnt be surprising because thats pretty much the crux of the story. Kichcha Sudeep and Suniel Shettys camaraderie is fun to watch as is the comic exchange he has with the supporting lead. While things have not been new or fresh yet, we are hoping that it might change in the second half.

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