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Shah Rukh Khan Gives a Witty Reply to His 'Jabra Fan' Raju Bhai Who is on a Mission to Meet Him!

Shah Rukh Khan (Photo Credits: Instagram) Shah Rukh Khan’s fans are seriously having a hard time waiting for his next film announcement.

His admirers go to any extent from standing outside his Mannat residence for hours to starting a trend demanding a film. Now, there’s this another fan who is on a ‘mission’ to meet his idol by dedicating his Twitter posts to SRK. To his delight, the Badshah of Bollywood finally responded to his stunt and it was witty! #WeWantAnnouncementSRK - Shah Rukh Khan Fans Stir Up a New Twitter Trend as They Wait For His Movie Announcement!.

A person named Raju Bhai has been posting endlessly in his bid to impress the superstar and compel him to meet him at least once. He has posted almost above two hundred and sixty various posts under the self-made hashtag #RajuMeetsSRK. His brother, Amrit whose Twitter handle says, ‘On a mission to help my brother meet his idol Shahrukh Khan,’ is helping him by sharing posts.

He recently shared a video of Raju bhai lip-syncing on SRK’s DDLJ song “Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jana Sanam”. He captioned it as, ‘Day 266: Raju singing his favourite song #tujheDekhaToYeJanaSanam @iamsrk #RajuMeetsShahrukh.’ On this, King Khan sarcastically replied, “Wow how well he sings.

Give him hug from me. Love.” Check out the tweet below.Shah Rukh Khans Tweet for his Jabra FanWow how well he sings. Give him hug from me. Love https://t.co/3Vtg6IKeii— Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) September 12, 2019Well, now that the dimpled actor has responded in a witty way, there goes his chance of meeting him at least for now.

Maybe, this was the actor’s way of proving that the Jabra fans might want to do something concrete and extraordinary to meet him in the real-life! We wonder what this fan, who dedicated his time and energy totally on posting SRK things, will feel after finding a post on his name! .


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