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Brexit explained: FIVE possible next steps and outcomes - Boris will hate a lot of them

While Boris Johnson has been successful in his suspension of Parliament until October 14, he has faced unprecedented setbacks, losing all six votes held in the House in the six days since returning from summer recess. MPs have passed a law forcing the PM to request a Brexit delay, blocked his calls for a general election, and forced the Government to publish documents detailing the no-deal Brexit plans and prorogation communications.

So what now, as the longest Parliamentary suspension since the end of World War II begins? Related articles
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Corbyn attempts brutal swipe at Rees-Mogg during anti Brexit rant As ever, it is not possible to say exactly what will happen next in these unusual times.

The Government insists MPs will only lose a few days in Parliament, as there is usually a break around this time for party conferences anyway.But MPs would have had a chance to vote on that suspension, whereas they now do not with the prorogation.Either way, MPs must now work away behind the scenes to push their agendas forward, whatever they may be.

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Brexit explained: The PM os rapidly running out of options (Image: Reuters)Here are five possible outcomes:1. ELECTION?As things stand, MPS have voted against a snap election twice, so it’s currently off the table.

Opposition parties blocked the PM’s calls for an election to prevent the risk he’d strengthen his mandate, and also to be sure the Benn bill, which will legally force Mr Johnson to request a Brexit delay, passed - which it now has.The law states Mr Johnson must ask the EU for a delay if a Brexit deal hasn’t been signed by October 19.

Depending on what happens with that, we can certainly expect opposition MPs to allow a general election after that.In this case, and assuming all convention is followed, the soonest we could see an election is mid-November.
Brexit explained: This will be the longest Parliamentary suspension since the end of World War II (Image: Getty)2.

BREXIT DELAY?As mentioned above, Boris Johnson is legally bound to ask the EU for an extension if a deal hasn’t been signed by October 19.All evidence points to the EU granting a further extension, despite grumblings about the ongoing exit drama engulfing all EU policy.However, the PM has insisted he won’t do this and the UK will leave on October 31, with or without a deal.

But the Government has yet to say how it plans to circumvent the new law, and has said it will never flagrantly break the law.But it will “lest to the limit” the mechanisms within the law, which, it can be assumed, means they are trying to find a loophole.If it all comes down to a matter of interpretation, this will probably end up in the courts.

Brexit explained: Boris Johnson has faced unprecedented setbacks (Image: Getty)3. NEW DEAL?If Mr Johnson achieved a.....

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