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Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon Break Down the History of Music Video Dancing

Theres no denying that Jennifer Lopez has killer moves. Shes been a dancer in the public eye even longer than shes been a platinum-selling recording artist and actress. And it turns out she may just know all the biggest dance moves.In the latest "History Of" installment for Jimmy Fallons "Tonight Show," J.

Lo joined him to break down and run through some of the most iconic moves in music video history, taking it back to The Bangles "Walk Like an Egyption" all the way up to Billie Eilishs "Bad Guy."
Jennifer Lopez Shows Us How She Learned to Pole Dance for 'Hustlers,' And We're Not Worthy View Story And yes, they absolutely nailed her unique movement.

They didnt stop there, either, moving through nearly two dozen different artists and dance styles. Some required intricate moves, like the "Macerena" and "Gangnam Style," while others allowed the duo to really cut loose and feel the music, like when they donned Sias iconic wigs and gave their own take on "Chandelier.

"Other dances you have to see to fully appreciate include "Single Ladies," "In My Feelings," "U Cant Touch This," "Bye Bye Bye" and "Wrecking Ball." Well just say they were very strategic in their use of props throughout this segment, but they absolutely nailed their presentation of Miley Cyrus most provocative music video.

And if you thought this was just basic dance moves like Paula Abdul and Lady Gaga and Whitney Houston and even J.Lo herself, youd miss out on the fact that they actually tackled OK Gos "Here It Goes Again," the most artful use of four treadmills ever put to tape.Later in the show -- and totally seen during the OK Go portion -- Jimmy couldnt help but heap praise of Jennifer for being able to put on a two-and-a-half hour show every night she performs.

"That was three minutes, I couldn’t breathe," he said.
The Important Reason Jennifer Lopez Made Such a Big Deal About Turning 50 Years Old View Story Like Mother, Like DaughterJimmy was able to go see Jennifer perform at Madison Square Garden as part of her 50th birthday celebration tour, and he marveled so much at her sharing the stage with her 11-year-old daughter Emme that he had to share a clip of the two singing together.

Even Jimmy couldnt help but notice J.Los moment of mom pride when Emme effotlessly slid into and nailed a high note. When asked if she thought her daughter might follow in her footsteps and become a singer, Jennifer said, "I dont know, she does a lot of things ... maybe shell wind up doing a lot of things and thatll be one of them.

."Um, that sounds exactly like her mother. Jennifer Lopez is one of the most versatile and varied stars in entertainment,.....

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