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Kia Sportage named the best used car by UK drivers

Britains best used cars have been named and the winner is Korean.The £20,000 Kia Sportage SUV - which can be bought second-hand for around £8,000 - received the highest rating from those who drive them, according to a poll of 15,301 UK car drivers thats claimed to be the biggest ownership survey of its kind.

Of the top 10 favourite motors with the highest scores from drivers, eight are built by Korean or Japanese brands - and just one is a UK manufacturer. 

Best used car: The existing Kia Sportage compact SUV was named the best second-hand car in Britain by a poll of thousands of UK ownersThe poll asked owners to provide feedback on their real-world experience with motors between two and 10 years old, with every car scored in 31 separate areas, covering every aspect of their quality, usability, performance and running costs.

 The fourth-generation Kia Sportage, which is a mid-size family-friendly SUV, received a 92.78 per cent rating overall from Britons who run them, earning it top spot.Owners waxed lyrical about the build quality of the Sportage, which is produced for the European market in Žilina, Slovakia, just 100 miles north of Land Rovers £1billion plant in Nitra where the new Defender is being assembled.

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3 will go on... Share this article Share HOW THIS IS MONEY CAN HELP How to get the cheapest car insurance: Ten tips for cheaper car cover 10 best used cars rated by owners  1. Kia Sportage Mk4 (2015-present)Price used: from £8,000 Owner rating: 92.78%2. Toyota Prius Mk4 (2015-present)Price used: from £13,900 Owner rating: 92.

76%3. Kia Sorento Mk4 (2015-present)Price used: from £14,500 Owner rating: 91.49%4. Lexus RX Mk4 (2015-present)Price used: from £23,500 Owner rating: 91.46%5. Skoda Superb Mk3 (2015-present)Price used: from £6,000 Owner rating: 91.42%6. Lexus IS Mk3 (2013-present)Price used: from £8,700 Owner rating: 91.

40%7. Jaguar XF Mk1 (2008-2015)Price used: from £2,800 Owner rating: 91.11%8. Lexus RX Mk3 (2009-2015)Price used: from £8,200 Owner rating: 90.53%9. Toyota RAV4 Mk4 (2012-2018)Price used: from £8,000 Owner rating: 89.83%10. Lexus NX Mk1 (2015-present)Price used: from £14,700 Owner rating: 89.71%  Drivers said the Kia Sportages fit and finish inside and out was outstanding and loved the infotainment system for ease of use to work the sat-nav, connect their smartphone and adjust the stereo.

Whether it’s the styling, practicality, reliability or ride quality, almost everywhere you look owners praise the Sportage, said Auto Express, which conducted the survey.The only black mark concerns running costs, and fuel economy in particular; but this is a common theme among our SUV entries, and..


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