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Things that people who bought Edward Snowden's "Permanent Record" also bought on Amazon

Im looking forward to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowdens memoirs, Permanent Record, (previously) and just pre-ordered a copy on Amazon. Given the title, I thought it might be interesting to share what Amazon represented as Frequently bought together with it and put in its Customers who viewed this item also viewed carousel.

Under Frequently bought together are Randall Munroes How To, a collection of absurd scientific advice offered by the cartoonists famous stick-figure characters, and Talking To Strangers, Malcolm Gladwells ill-received latest.In the Customers who viewed this item also viewed carousel are books from Glenn Greenwald, Philip Mudd and Snowden himself, all on similar topics.

Books dominate the section, in fact, and Amazon reports that viewers of Permanent Record only checked out three things that were not to be read: Sarotti Scho Ka Kola, described as a famous German chocolate, 20 orange snappy handles, which go on thin metal bucket handles to make them easier to carry, and the Old Smokey Jumbo Grill, pictured above.

.If you click the links in this post, our permanent records will be forever entwined in Amazons database, and Ill get my cut...

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