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How ‘Bojack Horseman’ Writers Created...

Bojack Horseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Bojack writer Kate Purdy created\u00a0 Amazon\u2019s new animated series Undone. Although Undone looks animated, it has a live-action cast. Rosa Salazar, Bob Odenkirk, Constance Marie and Angelique Cabral act out the scenes. Then animators draw the show on top of them.

\u00a0 Bob Odenkirk in Undone | Amazon Alma (Salazar) is the black sheep of her family since her father (Odenkirk) died. When she crashes her car, her father appears to her and explains she can travel in time. Alma delves into her own past to try to fix what she perceives as her flaws. Purdy spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet this summer about what Undone shares with Bojack Horseman.

Undone premieres Friday, September 13 on Amazon. Kate Purdy had the idea for \u2018Undone\u2019 after 2 seasons of \u2018Bojack Horseman\u2019 While Bojack Horseman was in production, Purdy and Bob-Waksberg would talk about other ideas. They began developing Undone three seasons of Bojack Horseman ago.

\u201cI was still working on Bojack,\u201d Purdy said. \u201cSo we started talking about this after the second season of Bojack. Raphael approached me and said, \u2018What if we made a show that was like Downer Ending,\u2019 which was the 11th episode of the first season which I wrote in which Bojack goes on this drug trip, experiences an alternate reality and he feels what it might have been like if he had made different choices in his life.

\u201d Alma’s reality shatters in Undone | Amazon Alma\u2019s power in Undone is trippy, and she has a chance to create alternate realities. \u201cAnd he said, \u2018What if we did a show like that where that\u2019s where we start?\u2019\u201d Purdy continued. \u201cSo then I worked on seasons 3, 4 and 5 while we were writing the scripts and developing a concept and putting the artwork together.

Once the show was actually up and running, I was running the room for Undone while Raphael was running Bojack.\u201d They sold \u2018Undone\u2019 like \u2018Bojack Horseman\u2019 too Undone is a difficult show to summarize, so one can imagine it\u2019s hard for a network to classify. So was Bojack Horseman, an animated show about a celebrity horse going through an existential crisis.

Fortunately, Bob-Waksberg had experience. \u201cWe said it was a half hour dramedy. Raphael is really interested in pushing the narrative of format and medium. So with Bojack, he sold it as a comedy and it secretly was a dramedy. He really wanted to lure you in as an audience and then surprise you by showing the world is bigger than you thought it was.

Similarly with this, he wanted to take a further step in animation to say yes, this is animated, but it\u2019s going to surprise you in its depth and its drama. So it\u2019s taking one step further into pushing those challenges.\u201dKate Purdy, interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, 7\/27\/19 Amazon’s original series Undone | Amazon Undone breaks the traditional animation mold in many ways.

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