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Macron assigned new ‘Iran envoy’ by G7 leaders after close Tehran relationship revealed

The French President has been pushing for a revival of the landmark 2015 Iran nuclear deal that was broken by US President Donald Trump last year. Macron has often been the de facto intermediary between Western powers and Tehran, with Iranian officials confirming numerous contacts between the two administrations.

G7 leaders – who are in their second day of meetings in Biarritz – have now reportedly appointed Macron as the group’s spokesman, sparking hope of progress between the two sides. Related articles
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Australia pile pressure on Japan by joining Strait of Hormuz coalition A French presidential source said: “As president of the G7, the president did indeed get the power to discuss and send a message to Iranian authorities on the basis of the exchanges we had last night.

”The source confirmed that Macron has maintained his priority of not allowing Iran any nuclear weapons.The French President met Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif on Friday with hopes of easing the crisis at the G7 weekend summit.Proposals were reportedly discussed in his showdown with Trump, with French officials suggesting that Iran be allowed to sell oil in exchange for returning to the negotiating table.

Macron is the new Iran envoy for the G7 (Image: GETTY)
Macron and Trump had a meeting yesterday (Image: GETTY)Macron said Wednesday: “We have made proposals either for a softening of sanctions or a compensation mechanism to enable the Iranian people to live better.“We shall see what the response from the Iranians is in the hours ahead.

“And we shall see how the Americans are ready to move forward.”In another bold move, Macron met with Putin last week and put the Iran crisis high on the agenda.READ MORE: Brexit boost as Macron begs for help with the economy: ‘We need some new tools!’
Macron and Trump have clashed over Iran (Image: GETTY) Related articles
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David Koch: Inside US billionaires ferocious rows with Donald Trump He said: “I believe we are both committed to a de-escalation of the Iran situation.

“We have worked hard in recent weeks precisely to avoid any deflagration, and have made multiple proposals.”The announcement comes days after Macron was slammed by the Trump administration for allegedly interfering in negotiations.Trump was frustrated that French diplomats were ‘speaking’ for the US.

He said: “I know Emmanuel means well, as do all others, but nobody speaks for the United States but the United States itself.DONT MISSPutin recruits Iran and Turkey as trio sideline Donald Trump [COMMENT]Australia piles pressure on Japan by joining Iran coalition [INSIGHT]Iran unveils powerful new missile defence system [REVEALED]
Macron has linked up with Rouhani in the past (Image: GETTY).


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