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Uganda: At least 10 killed after fuel tanker crashes and explodes

At least 10 people have been killed after a fuel truck went up in flames after losing control and crashing into three cars in western Uganda, police said in a statement.So far, 9 burnt bodies have been retrieved from the scene and transported to Lugazi Health Centre for further post-mortem analysis and DNA profiling, said the statement, which was issued early on Monday.

Another body was still trapped under the truck, it said after Sundays crash.The tanker was on its way from Kenya to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, police said.The accident happened at Kyambura trading centre in Rubirizi district, according to the Daily Monitor newspaper.More than 30 shops were burned, the newspaper added.

.The police spokesman, Martial Tumusiime, said that two taxis, carrying at least 20 people, were among the damaged cars, without mentioning their fate. SOURCE: News agencies ..

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