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Spotify Family Accounts are getting parental controls

Want to give your kids access to Spotify, but only the “clean” stuff? It’ll be an option soon.Spotify’s family plan — the one that gets you six accounts for 15 bucks — is picking up a feature that the company says people have been asking about for years: parental controls.Under the new setup, the primary Spotify account holder will be able to toggle the explicit content filter for any of their sub-accounts.

Once it’s on, said sub-accounts won’t be able to turn off the filter without the account admin’s help.While Spotify has had an explicit content filter built in for a few years now, it was just a toggle the user could flip on and off for themselves— not something that parents could set on their kid’s accounts.

Spotify is also introducing a feature it’s calling “family mix” — a custom generated playlist composed of tracks that Spotify thinks everyone in the family will be into. Going on a family road trip and didn’t have time to make a playlist? Family mix might help keep everyone happy for a few more minutes before the little one starts demanding you put on Moana again.

.The company says the new family features are rolling out in Ireland first, and it’ll roll out eveywhere else they offer family plans shortly thereafter...

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