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After Venice Film Fest, Gitanjali Rao’s Bombay Rose to Premiere at Toronto Film Festival 2019 on September 7

(Photo Credits: Facebook) Toronto: Gitanjali Raos debut directorial feature film Bombay Rose will open Venice International Film Critics Week on August 29, before its North American premiere in Toronto on September 7.

The film will premiere in the Contemporary World Cinema Strand at the Toronto Film Festival (TIFF) 2019 on September 7. Its a beautiful evocation of love and full immersion in both its rich setting and the magic of Indian cinema, said Cameron Bailey, director of TIFF. October Fame Gitanjali Rao’s Film Bombay Rose to Have Its World Premiere at the Venice Film Festival 2019Bombay Rose is the story of a flower seller who has to make the choice between protecting her family or allowing herself to fall in love.

This story is set on the streets of Mumbai (Bombay) and moves from real life to fantasy, accompanied by much loved Bollywood songs. The film marks is the feature debut of animator Gitanjali. Her five animated short films -- Blue, Orange, Printed Rainbow, Chai and TrueLoveStory -- have been to over 150 film festivals and received 30 awards.

 Adil Hussain Ends Association With Pondicherry Film Fest As Brand Ambassador  They say it takes a village to bring up a child, well it took hundreds of hardworking, ambitious and talented Indian artistes to make Bombay Rose and I am as much delighted for them, as I am for me, that Bombay Rose is gaining such recognition by the international industry, said Gitanjali.

 Bombay Rose is produced by Anand Mahindra and Rohit Khattar.We are so proud to present Bombay Rose, Gitanjalis beautiful love letter to Mumbai, at Toronto. We are delighted but not surprised at the appetite of the major international film festivals to celebrate Gitanjalis beautiful film, said Khattar, chairman, Cinestaan Film Company.

The film was delivered at Mumbai-based PaperBoat Animation Studios. Working creatively alongside Gitanjali was acclaimed sound designer PM Satheesh. Bombay Rose is a beautiful film where each and every frame has been handpainted with so much of love. The animation is unique with an absolutely stunning colour palette, Soumitra Ranade of Paperboat Studios said.

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