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Batla House Quick Movie Review: John Abraham's Real-Life Based Drama is Intense

John Abraham in Batla House (Photo Credits: Twitter) John Abraham returns to clash with Akshay Kumar this year on Independence Day as well. Last year, their movies, Gold and Satyameva Jayate, clashed during the same period and both emerged winners.

This year, it is the turn of Akshays Mission Mangal and Johns Batla House. Speaking of Batla House, the movie is directed by Nikkhil Advani and also stars Mrunal Thakur and Ravi Kishan. Batla House is based on the much talked about the encounter that happened Delhi Police and Indian Mujahideen terrorists in 2008 and the legal hassles that followed.

We are watching Batla House right now and heres what we have to say about the first half of the film:John Abraham plays the officer who heads the Batla House encounter. His team was sent to investigate if the students staying there are IM terrorists but the team opens fine. Some of the boys are killed and one police officer too is dead.

The police team is blamed for killing innocent boys and human rights activists are after them with Abrahams officer being held responsible for the manslaughter. Batla House: Here Are 5 Changes Made by the CBFC in John Abraham’s Action Drama. The first half of the film is quite intense showing how the politicians and the media are pouncing on the police officers for what they think is their fateful oversight.

While Advani has managed to create an intensifying drama, there is a high chance that the movie could face allegations of showing a particular community. Also how the main character behaves in a very erratic manner near the interval that makes no sense. With the hero and his team trying to clear their names, the second half hopefully gets into an interesting legal drama.

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