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Hong Kong protest: 'Undercover police officer' seized by furious crowd - violence erupts

Riot police, armed with batons, shields and helmets, have arrived at the airport in attempt to clear the protestors. Horrifying footage shows the riot police beating people in the crowd and an eyewitness has said police were absolutely ferocious. It has also been reported that protestors have surrounded a man they believe is an undercover police officer.

He is being kept inside a circle of people and has been cable tied. Related articles
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Travel chaos as protestors storm Hong Kong airport The man is said to be struggling for breath.Sky news say the suspected plain clothes police officer has been badly beaten up and is in a pretty bad way.

Paramedics reached the injured man just after 5.30pm and were seen taking him out of the airport.Hong Kong Police Force have alleged that a vistor was assaulted at the airport and besieged protestors.
Paramedics were seen taking the injured man out of the airport (Image: Reuters)
Paramedics arrived at the scene to attend to the injured man (Image: Sky News)The force said the man needs immediate medical attention and has called for protestors to allow officers to reach them.

They want to take the man to hospital and reiterated that it is not a dispersal operation.News site Global Times has claimed that the injured man was one of their journalists, but this has not been confirmed.It has been reported that police are using pepper spray against the protestors.JUST IN: Hong Kong horror: WATCH moment riot police beat protesters
Protestors have reportedly surrounded a man they believe is an undercover cop (Image: Sky News)
The man being held hostage is believed to be an undercover officer (Image: Sky News)Skys Stuart Ramsay has said the polices arrival at the airport was absolutely ferocious.

He said: They weren’t messing about when they came in, that’s for sure. They emerged, they came out really quickly and they were absolutely ferocious. They were pumped up. They knew they had friends in a truck that was caught up – its wheels blocked by shopping trollies.
The protests at Hong Kong International airport are now in their fifth day (Image: Sky News)
Protestors appear to have the man cable tied (Image: Sky News)They moved in and had to clear those out.

And then the snatching started. We saw a number of people being taken away. I saw three or four but it’s got to be at least double that.Police cars continue to arrive at the scene as plain clothes officers started to take away protestors.According to Sky, there is a specialist police unit of plain clothed officers who are identifying people of interest.

The riot police have been described as absolutely ferocious (Image: Sky News)Today marked the fifth consecutive day of protests at the busy airport, and saw a second day of suspended flights.The pro-democracy protestors have barricaded the departure hall at Terminal.....

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