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MP Chris Williamson sues Labour for suspension over anti-Semitism

Image copyright PA Media An MP is taking the Labour Party to court over its decision to reinstate his suspension for his remarks about the partys handling of anti-Semitism.

Chris Williamson had claimed the party was too apologetic on anti-Semitism.His original suspension was lifted in June following a formal warning, but it was reimposed two days later after a backlash from Jewish groups. Mr Williamson said he hoped to overturn the unconstitutional decision to re-suspend me from the party I love.

Mr Williamson, who has lodged legal papers with the High Court, tweeted that he had dedicated my life to the Labour Party since I was 19-years-old, and Im 63 next month. Labour MP suspended again over anti-Semitism rowA Labour spokeswoman said the Derby North MPs case had been referred to the National Constitutional Committee - the partys highest disciplinary body.

He was suspended in February after being filmed saying Labour had given too much ground and was being demonised over anti-Semitism complaints. He later said he deeply regretted the remarks.In July, a panel of Labours National Executive Committee ruled that Mr Williamson should be allowed back into the party.

.However, a large outcry from Labour peers and MPs saw the suspension reinstated. A campaign group has been attempting to crowdfund £75,000 to support Mr Williamsons legal bid. ..

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