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‘Real Housewives of Orange County’: Who Is...

The Real Housewives of Orange County is back, and there\u2019s a new housewife in town. Braunwyn Windham-Burke — who describes herself as a \u201cglobe-trotting mom\u201d on her website — has joined the cast. She’s a friend of Kelly Dodd and based on what we know so far, she\u2019s sure to bring some interesting drama to the table.

\u00a0 Braunwyn Windham-Burke is an OC native who\u2019s friends with Kelly Dodd\u00a0 Braunwyn Windham-Burke | Noel Vasquez\/Getty Images Windham-Burke, 41, is an Orange County native who grew up in Laguna Beach. But as an adult, she moved away, spending time in Miami and Washington, D.C. When life brought her back to the O.

C., she ended up befriending Kelly Dodd. That led to conversations with RHOC producers, who eventually invited her to join the show.\u00a0 Though Windham-Burke initially had some reservations about letting TV cameras document her life, she eventually signed on. After all, she was a longtime fan of the show, and \u201cat the end of the day it was just such an amazing opportunity that I wasn\u2019t going to let it pass by,\u201d she told the OC Register.

\u00a0 She has seven kids\u00a0 View this post on Instagram I mean….if someone else leaked it I can too right What an amazing day filming with the whole family, my oldest and I both cried when they handed me that orange, talk about dreams coming true!!! So excited to share this time in our lives with everyone #rhoc #rhocseason14 #tamrasaidicouldpost #momof7 #largefamily #braunwynwindhamburke #barefootinheels #realitytv A post shared by Braunwyn Windham-Burke (@braunwynwindhamburke) on Jul 18, 2019 at 2:32pm PDT Windham-Burke and her husband Sean Burke have seven kids.

The oldest just turned 19, and the youngest is not yet 2. The couple always knew they wanted a large family, she told People Now, but they didn\u2019t originally intend to have quite so many.\u00a0 \u201cThe plan was to have five, but when we got to five, we realized that we weren\u2019t complete. We still felt like something was missing,\u201d Windham-Burke said.

But now that the couple has had two more kids, she says she\u2019s finally done. \u201cI can look at my family and go, everyone who is supposed to be here is here.\u201d Is there any possibility Windham-Burke and her husband could add a baby no. 8 to the mix? Not a chance, she says. \u201cWe did IVF for our younger kids,\u201d she explained.

\u201cWe are out of embryos. We are done.\u201d\u00a0 She says it was time to do something for herself With so many kids, Braunwyn-Burke has dedicated much of her time to her family (she says she\u2019s been breastfeeding for almost 18 years straight). And after close to two decades of being a full-time mom, she was ready to do something for herself.

.\u00a0 \u201cI\u2019ve been a stay-at-home mom for 19 years now,\u201d she told the OC Register. \u201cSo when they initially reached out to me I said, \u2018You know what? Absolutely! I think it\u2019s time in my life for.....

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