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Tesco Bank internet rate falls from 0.55 to 0.35% every little hurts

Tesco Bank is the latest provider to slash rates for loyal savers. On October 24, its easy-access Internet Saver falls from 0.55 per cent to 0.35 per cent, while its Instant Access Cash Isa standard falls from 0.65 per cent to 0.35 per cent.Its Instant Access Savings rate drops from 0.4 per cent to 0.

3 per cent.Meanwhile, rates with TSB are set to fall next month. Those in its Easy Saver, eSavings and Cash Isa Saver will earn 0.15 per cent — £1.50 interest a year on £1,000.

Tescos Instant Access Cash Isa standard falls from 0.65 per cent to 0.35 per centIn recent weeks, Britain’s largest building society, Nationwide, cut rates on a host of old accounts.

Its e-Savings account now pays just 0.1 per cent — or £1 interest a year on £1,000.Its Flexclusive Online Saver is down at 0.3 per cent on balances up to £10,000, while its Limited Access Saver, Limited Access Online Saver and e-Savings Plus have dropped to 0.5 per cent. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next
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