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‘Murdered’ toddler was so badly starved he ate lint from his blanket to try and stay alive

Jeremiah Moore died of starvation last November. His parents Christy and Corey Moore stand accused of murdering him (Pictures: Cravens Shires/Mercer County Sheriff’s Office)A 20 month-old boy was so badly starved he tried eating lint from a blanket in a desperate bid to sate his hunger.Jeremiah Moore died in Princeton, West Virginia, in November 2018.

Child neglect charges related to the boy’s surviving siblings were dismissed at a court hearing on Monday.The youngster’s parents Corey Moore, 29, and Christy Moore, 27, are due to stand trial for the youngster’s murder on September 3.Jeremiah uncle John Adkins and aunt Janet who lived with the Moores, are also facing the same charges.

Jeremiah was airlifted to hospital for specialist treatment, but suffered a fatal cardiac arrest as the aircraft landed (Picture: Cravens Shires)The dead boy and his two siblings were found to be ‘malnourished’ and living in a cockroach-filled home, whose fridge was filled with food.AdvertisementAdvertisementJeremiah died weighing just 14 pounds – around 11 pounds lighter than the average weight of a healthy toddler his age, the Bluefield Daily Telegraph reported.

Extinction Rebellion cover Brazil embassy in paint to highlight deforestationA subsequent autopsy discovered lint from a blanket as well as a bug in the child’s stomach, suggesting he had tried eating anything he could to sustain himself.His parents were accused of neglect and failure to act ‘so gross and egregious they led to the child’s death’ by prosecutor George Sitler.

The little boy was brought to hospital shortly before his death ‘in bad shape,’ according to Detective Sergeant SA Sommers of Mercer County Sheriff’s Department.Jeremiah was put onto a helicopter to be life flighted to a specialist treatment facility, but went into cardiac arrest as he was taken off the helicopter, with attempts to revive him unsuccessful.

Christy Moore subsequently told police that the boy had developed a cold around a week before his death, and has stopped eating.Both she and her husband remain at Southern Regional Jail on $25,000 cash-only bond, while the Adkins are out on bond.The Moores face up to live in jail if convicted of the murder charge.


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