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How Solskjaer tactically outwitted Frank Lampard's Chelsea in Manchester United's 4-0 masterclass

Manchester United kicked off their Premier League campaign with a 4-0 win against Chelsea that revealed a lot about how both teams will set up for the coming season.United were ruthless and took advantage of fundamental structural flaws in the way Chelsea were set up by Frank Lampard. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer also made crucial decisions to ensure the win.

Sportsmail has put together a tactical breakdown of the game and taken a look at where it was won and lost.

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We have found the way we want to play and a way we believe... Share this article Share   Chelsea’s midfield wastelandThis game was won and lost on the transition and Frank Lampard’s structure really struggled to cope with how Manchester United countered.

Every single goal involved a counter-attack. The first, which came about because Kurt Zouma dived in on Marcus Rashford, began with the ball being won back in midfield by United and Zouma being left one-on-one with the striker.Chelsea’s defensive structure completely fell to pieces when United charged at them through the middle.

There was so much space for United whenever Chelsea lost the ball in the middle of the park

Kurt Zouma was completely isolated with Rashford because Chelsea could not resist the break

It led to Zouma fouling Rashford in the box and giving away the penalty for the opening goalThe other three relied on Chelsea losing it high up the field and United countering through Paul Pogba, Rashford and their other players with pace.

What was of note, though, was that once United had got the ball back from Chelsea, they met very little resistance.This was because of the way Lampard had set his team up. There was a huge gap in the middle of the park whenever Chelsea went forward and United exploited it when they won the ball back.

Zouma endured a day to forget in Frank Lampards first match in charge of Chelsea 

There was a huge gap in the centre of the pitch when United counter-attacked against ChelseaFor example, for the second, when Rashford picked up the ball after Tammy Abraham lost it, he had three players in support against four United men.

That vast expanse of space to move into in the middle gave others time to join the attack too, allowing them to load the box when Rashford’s initial pass sent Lingard too wide. Andreas Pereira also had the time to move up the field and play in the cross.The fourth was similar. Pogba was in his own third when he collected the ball and behind the.


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