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Spotify's Recent App Overhaul Has Sparked a Backlash

Spotifys latest app redesign might help the company grow a podcast advertising business that has become a major strategic priority. However, quite a few users seem displeased with how the changes have affected their music-listening experiences. Spotifys redesigned app was rolled out in mid-June to a fair amount of press coverage.

As noted by much of this coverage, the redesign include a major overhaul of the apps Your Library tab, putting podcasts on equal footing with music within the tab for the first time. Sections titled Music and Podcasts are both accessible via large text links. Clicking on the Music tab lets one browse library songs by artist, album or playlist; clicking on the Podcasts tab lets one browse followed podcasts, as well as recent episodes and downloaded episodes from those podcasts.

At first glance, the redesign might not seem that bad for someone who spends most or all of his or her time within the Spotify app listening to music rather than podcasts. After all, ones music library is far from buried in the new version of the app. But in several ways, the new version of the app has yielded major changes (arguably for the worse) in how users are able to browse and listen to music within their collections.

Perhaps the biggest of these: Users can no longer by default browse the artists in ones collection in alphabetical order. Rather, one has to follow an artist for its name to appear in an alphabetical list. For a user with dozens or hundreds of artists in his or her library, manually choosing to follow all of them can be a tedious and time-consuming process.

The Albums section only lets users browse in alphabetical orders those albums for which every song has been added to a collection. Along similar lines, if a user chooses to like an album to access it via the Albums section, every song in that album is automatically added to a users collection, and will appear when browsing music by artist or song.

An alphabetical sidebar that could let users access content much more quickly than would otherwise be possible has been removed from the Artists and Albums sections, and also doesnt appear on a Liked Songs page (found within the Playlists section) that has replaced Spotifys old Songs section. As a result, if a user on the Liked Songs page wants to play a song starting the letter T, he or she now has to scroll past every song starting with the letters A through S to pull it up, rather than simply tap the T on the sidebar.

Complaints about these issues, as well as several other changes related to the Spotify apps design and/or feature set, have been easy to find within the Community forums on Spotifys own website. Theyre also not hard to find on Twitter, and within recent user reviews of the app on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

. Whereas Spotifys app has a historical rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Google Play, an analysis of 50 recent Google Play reviews turned up an average score of just 3.7, with 10 reviewers giving Spotify a 1-star.....

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