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The $200 iPod Touch now has some legit competition - CNET

The new iPod Touch is a great gateway into the upcoming iOS 13. Sarah Tew/CNET Apple released a new iPod Touch for 2019 this year. It costs $200 and has a small, low-resolution screen. If you already own an iPhone past the iPhone 5, theres no reason to even consider buying the iPod Touch.

Probably the same deal if you own a recent iPad. If, however, youve never owned an iOS device or have in the past and want back in, at $200 the iPod Touch is now the cheapest iOS entry point. But its not your only $200 option. Nintendo this week announced a new scaled down version of its Nintendo Switch, called the Switch Lite.

The $200 gaming system is smaller than the original Switch and cant connect to a TV. So how does the Switch Lite compare to the iPod Touch? In his review of the iPod Touch 2019, my colleague Patrick Holland very clearly lays out why, despite its appeal to certain consumers, most will want to skip the iPod Touch.

And while I can totally understand and agree with many of his points, ultimately I see it differently. Ive been a stubborn supporter of iOS, and more specifically the Apple App Store, for nearly 11 years, since I bought the iPhone 3G in 2008. There are two simple reasons for that: I like the interface and its evolution, and the game and app selection in the App Store has never disappointed me.

Thats really it. I have an iPhone XS Max and absolutely have no need for the iPod Touch, but Im excited for those of you who do. And here are three reasons I think the iPod Touch is a near steal at $200.
The new iPod Touch looks just like the old one and its kind of nice 23 Photos Apple Arcade Later this year Apple will launch Apple Arcade, a subscription-based games service where you pay a monthly fee to play iOS games made by some of the worlds top game developers.

The most exciting for me include Annapurna Interactive, makers of Donut County, and Mistwalker, headed by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi.Apple expects to have 100 exclusive and nonexclusive games lined up for the service at launch, with more coming later. Youll sign up for the service and then download any Apple Arcade game you wish at no additional cost.

Apple Arcade, on Mac, iPad and iPhone. Apple The best thing about this service for owners of the iPod Touch, which has no cellular connection, only Wi-Fi, is that every game will be playable offline.

. That means you can play your games to your hearts content even if youre on the train or in the back seat of a carpool vehicle. A subscription will cost the same for individuals or a family of six and will.....

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