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Latin Music Stars in Disney Movies: Shakira, Ricky Martin, Becky G & More

Carlos Rivera kicked off July by revealing on Instagram that he would voice Simba in the Spanish-dubbed Latin American version of The Lion King, also premiering July 19.In celebration of the news, Billboard spotlights other Latin music stars, in addition to Rivera, who have participated in a Disney film, whether as a voice actor or on the soundtrack.

From Carlos Rivera and Becky G to Shakira and Luis Miguel, check out the complete list below. CARLOS RIVERAIn addition to The Lion King, the Mexican singer and actor previously acted in the Lion King and Beauty & The Beast live musicals and recorded “Recuerdame” from the Disney movie Coco.

BECKY GBecky G weaved her Spanish-language verse into Zayn’s English ones in a bilingual version of Aladdin’s “A Whole New World.”SHAKIRAShakira's non-lying hips hit the big screen in 2016 when she portrayed Gazelle in the Disney animated Zootopia. The Colombian singer also sang the theme song “Try Everything.

”RICKY MARTINIn 1997, Ricky Martin did the Spanish-language dub for Hercules in the Disney classic of the same name. He also sang a Spanish version of Michael Bolton’s “Go the Distance.”LUCEROMexican pop singer Lucero also released her own version of Mulan’s “Reflection,” and in 1999, she did the voice dubbing for Jane Porter in Disney’s Tarzan movie.

LUIS MIGUELLuis Miguel’s inspirational song “Sueña” is part of Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame’s Latin American version.MIJARESMexican pop singer Mijares, alongside Rocio Banquells, are responsible for singing the Spanish-language version of “Beauty and the Beast.


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