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You can now play Tennis just by searching ‘Wimbledon’ on Google

The world’s oldest and the most prestigious Tennis tournament has already started and to celebrate this Google has quietly launched a Tennis game on the search page. If you’re a Tennis fan and love playing the sport, Google’s new Tennis game is definitely worth trying.You can play the game just by searching ‘Wimbledon’ on Google.

The next step is to search for the tennis ball in the search box, click on the ball start playing your favorite game.
Anyone spotted this little game yet? ?No? Let's give you a hint! ?1? Search for #Wimbledon on Google ?2? Look out for a tennis ball in the results box ?3? Click on it and let the games begin… ?? pic.

.twitter.com/21bA7PftVp— Google UK (@GoogleUK) July 10, 2019If you’ve played the new Tennis game on Google, you’re welcome to share your opinion about it. Hit the comments section below.Via: HTNovo..

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