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Palm is selling a $350 credit-card sized smartphone as a standalone or companion phone. It's supposed to liberate you, but it's got some big problems.

By now were all familiar with the criticisms about smartphones monopolizing our attention and replacing our real-world interactions. Enter the new Palm phone: a smartphone the size of your credit card is out here trying to break up that reliance on tech. First released in November for $350, the Palm phone is designed to be a travel-sized companion device to your larger, regular-sized main smartphone.

The company has branded the phone as an ultra-mobile device that allows you to stay present during lifes most important moments. But in April, Palm announced the phone would also be available as a standalone device in response to customer feedback. The standalone Palm phone is available for pre-order starting Tuesday.

Over the course of a few months, I regularly swapped out my traditional iPhone for the Palm phone when I would go out with friends, travel to the gym, or go to dinner on the weekends — situations where I wouldnt necessarily want, or need, my smartphone and all its capabilities. Heres what it was like using Palms tiny smartphone:.


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