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These 100-calorie coconut smoothies are filling and delicious — and they're only made with 2 ingredients

Cracking into a coconut and sipping the juice straight out from a straw — doesnt the thought alone whisk you away from the oppressive mugginess of the city to the fresh air and cool breeze of an island? I like coconut drinks, but I dont have easy access to fresh coconuts, and unfortunately, Ive never liked any boxed coconut water Ive tried.

Coconut water is low-calorie, hydrating, and packed with electrolytes like potassium, so Ive always wished I could get these nutritional benefits in a drink that wasnt riddled with sugar and could be enjoyed at any time of the day (and wasnt associated with being caught in the rain). The genius coconut drink that makes this possible is the Genius Organic Coconut Smoothie, which is made from just two ingredients, organic coconut water and organic coconut meat.

From my first sip, I was hooked. It tastes far better and has a more satisfying texture than boxed coconut water, and as I later learned, it also contributes to a larger zero-waste mission. Read more: I found out my usual smoothies werent healthy at all thanks to this Nutribullet blender that can track ingredients — heres how it works Genius Founder Alex Bayer previously worked in insurance, where, naturally, he noticed the general deterioration of health in this country.

As a result, he became a self-proclaimed health nut and began making grab-and-go smoothies to avoid falling victim to the availability and convenience of fast food. He blended coconut meat and coconut water together and discovered it tasted amazing (and I have to agree). Each Genius smoothie contains an entire coconut.

The coconuts are harvested in Thailand, then sent to a manufacturing facility just two miles away. That means the coconut goes from tree to bottle in just five to six hours, and that freshness of taste is evident in each sip. Once the smoothies are made, the company upcycles the coconut husks by donating them to local processing centers.

Theyre used to generate alternative energy to fuel cities in Thailand and also converted into coconut charcoal for use in detoxification products. Genius/Instagram Because the drink contains actual coconut meat and not just the water, its even better for you than pure coconut water.

Genius smoothies have more potassium (85 milligrams per ounce versus 56 milligrams per ounce) and more fiber (two grams versus zero grams) than the leading coconut water drink. Each bottle has 100 calories, which is more than many coconut waters, but coconut meat is a good source of healthy fats and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), a source of energy that the body can easily metabolize.

. There are no added sugars or preservatives, and you wouldnt need them anyways — the combination of pure coconut water and meat tastes great. As a blended drink,.....

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